Air Shipping

The most expensive and fastest delivery of cooking oil. This method is very good for sending samples or small shipments. For example, the delivery time from our factory to China will take about three to four days. We usually work with DHL or FedEx.


Land Delivery

This is a very convenient delivery from Ukraine to Europe. The average delivery time from our plant to Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary is about 1 day. Delivery time to France, Italy, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia is about two days. delivery time to Scandinavia, Spain, Portugal about 4-5 days. The disadvantage of this solution is the price. the advantage of this delivery method: the possibility of delivery to the customer’s warehouse.

Sea shipping

The most popular shipping method is sea container. This is usually the longest and cheapest way. Estimated delivery time to Asia is 45 days, to West Africa 20 days, to East Africa 35 days, to the USA 21 days. Container loading limit is about 25 tons.