Food and Safety

We explore the long-term effects of vegetable oils, plastic bottles on the human body. Most wholesale buyers care about certification only. The same is true for a retail customer, especially in a poor country. In production, we try to use the most safe components. We are holders of international certificates of product quality and production like ISO. However, we try to control the work of suppliers of raw materials for our plant. The farmer must grow purest raw materials without the use of hazardous chemicals. We have employees who go to the field to check the quality of the soil and sunflower (or other) seeds of our suppliers.

The Shelf Life of Cooking Oil

The most important thing is the depth of sterilization of vegetable oil. Almost any purification and refining of vegetable oil increases the shelf life, but reduces the benefits of this oil for the human body. Secondly, the quality of the bottle and packaging. We can use different types of bottles for bottling vegetable oil. The most popular is plastic bottles. Recently, however, we are seeing an increasing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging.

Scientific Relationship

We have deep scientific ties with three Ukrainian state institutions and universities. These are agricultural academies and fat institutes. Our company uses both applied and fundamental knowledge for the manufacture of vegetable oils. Why are studies of vegetable cooking fats necessary? Vegetable oils are used in the production of mayonnaise and sauces, chips and other snacks, canned and margarine, soap making and pharmaceutical. Also, sunflower oil is used in the chemical industry for the manufacture of varnishes and paints.