About Us

We are a union of a large number of eco-friendly farms from different regions of Sweden that supply a wide range of grains and sunflower oil. Our advantages are a wide product range in  vegetable oil (unrefined cold-pressed sunflower oil, 100% sunflower oil refined bleached deodorized and frozen out “Р grade” and frying sunflower oil), enhanced process technology, and reasonable pricing accompanied by perfect quality.

We are growing, storing, and processing in Swedish facilities, and delivering from our warehouses in Sweden. All trade operations are done via European offices.

Since 2012, SALIM OIL LIMITED  is a trademark.  We export oil products to more than 30 countries around the world. At that time, as consumer preferences changed, we evolved with them. By constantly adapting and listening to our customers, we have chosen a priority business direction: creating value-added products in the professional cooking market and high-oleic organic oils.

The products we offer and export are directly purchased from the best Ukrainian producers in large quantities. It gives us the opportunity to get priority in the order, to get required volumes of products and the best prices. Work with manufacturers is fully organized. All products have the necessary certificates and permissions for exporting to your country (we can deliver products to almost every country of the world). We are delivering our products by auto transport, sea transport, air transport or by a combination of them as established ten years ago inspired by a passion for quality oil. It all started with twenty boxes of sunflower oil delivered to our first customer. Now, ten years later, we deliver thousands of pallets and numerous containers worldwide.We know the market like no other and we know exactly what the production process looks like. That way, we can offer our customers the best oil at the best price.

Our employees have experience in the agro-industrial business for many years. Over the years we have established multiple partnerships.